Alameda Point

 Alameda Point

Alameda Point consists of land formerly in use as the Alameda Naval Air Station, with an inspirational setting overlooking the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline. Over 100 businesses, employing more than 1,000 workers, are currently located there, benefiting from the large industrial buildings with adjacent deep water access.

The City of Alameda is managing the planning and development for Alameda Point to create a strong employment and commercial base with a mix of commercial, residential, open space, recreational, and retail uses. As development occurs, the Alameda TMA will remain involved in providing transportation information to both current and future employees, residents, and visitors.

Travel Options & Programs

Alameda Point is currently served by San Francisco Bay Ferry and AC Transit Line 96. Some residents are eligible for discounted AC Transit passes; please contact the TMA using our contact form

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