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Use a Car Sharing Service

The Alameda City Council approved an agreement with Gig Car Share to locate up to 50 Gig Car Share vehicles on the main island of Alameda (not available yet at Bay Farm Island). Carsharing aims to reduce car ownership and provide greater transportation choices. Alameda has “dedicated space” carsharing at four locations with Getaround (formerly City CarShare), along with peer-to-peer carsharing, which allows Alamedans to rent their private vehicles to neighbors. The agreement with Gig allows one-way or point-to-point rentals, where members are able to rent available vehicles and end trips anywhere in designated areas. For Gig Car Share, designated areas include two parking lots in San Francisco, the city of Albany, and the core areas of Oakland and Berkeley, which includes seven BART stations – Fruitvale, West Oakland, Lake Merritt, North Berkeley, Ashby, Rockridge, and MacArthur.

For more information and to register please go to: Gig Car Share
Also available in Alameda: One-way carshare as well as dedicated space and peer-to-peer with Getaround.

Share a Ride

Options for sharing a ride abound! Carpooling allows for use of HOV lanes on Bay Area highways and at Bay Area bridges, as well as reduced tolls across the Bay Bridge during rush hour.

Dynamic Ride Matching

Through partnership with, several private ride matching companies can help you find a carpool in real time – no ongoing commitment, and guaranteed ride home included. Partners include Scoop, Carzac, and Duet. Find a ride now!

Traditional Carpooling also maintains a database of individuals interested in carpooling. You can find others who share similar schedules and commutes and coordinate an ongoing carpool from there. Sign up now!

Casual Carpooling

Casual carpooling is a Bay Area practice of sharing rides from Alameda to downtown San Francisco. Carpool riders line up in designated locations during the AM commute hours, and drivers pick them up, drive them to San Francisco, and drop them off on Fremont Street between Folsom and Howard. Pick-up locations in Alameda are at Webster & Santa Clara outside of Café Jolie, and at Encinal & Park. For more information, click here.

Take the Bus

Plan a trip on transit using the Trip Planner or Google Maps Transit!

Alameda is served by AC Transit buses that provide service across the island, and connections to Downtown Oakland, Rockridge, Fruitvale, and beyond. Routes include:

19 (To/From Downtown Oakland or Fruitvale via Buena Vista Ave)
20 (To/From Downtown Oakland or Dimond District via Webster / Central / Otis / Shoreline / Park)
21 (To/From Dimond District or Oakland Airport via Park / Otis / Harbor Bay)
96 (To/From Downtown Oakland/Dimond District or Alameda Point via Midway, Main, Lincoln, Webster)
51A (To/From Downtown Oakland/Fruitvale BART via Webster / Santa Clara / Broadway)    
 (Mid-day Shuttle serving West Oakland, Downtown, Alameda, and Hegenberger on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
(Mid-day Shuttle serving East Oakland and South Shore on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Transbay:   O   |   OX   |   W

All Nighter:   851

Alameda also has service by Ferry. Please see below.

Hop on a Bike

For trips across the island, biking is a great choice! You can travel to or from almost anywhere in Alameda within 30 minutes on a bicycle. Bike Walk Alameda provides a trove of information regarding walking and bicycling on the Island. They provide a Bicycle & Walking Map, as well as a list of Alameda Bicycle Shops.

Concerned about safety? Learn more about bicycling safely here.

Connecting to Oakland from the West End is more difficult. While there is a pathway in the Posey Tube, a more comfortable option is to use AC Transit, which provides bicycle racks on all its vehicles.

How to Take your Bike on AC Transit   |   Video

Take the Ferry

Ferry service is provided at the Main Street Ferry Terminal seven days a week, and at the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal on weekdays during commute hours. The Main Street Ferry provides service to Downtown San Francisco, Jack London Square, Pier 41, and special event service to AT&T Park. The Harbor Bay Ferry also provides service to downtown San Francisco.

Service between San Francisco and the Main Street Ferry Terminal also includes service to Jack London Square in Oakland on most trips. Check schedules for details on the order in which terminals are served.

Connect to BART

You can connect to BART at either 12th Street / Downtown Oakland Station or Fruitvale Station by taking an AC Transit bus. For information on BART schedules, visit

From Alameda

To 12th Street / Downtown Oakland BART Station

51A toward Rockridge BART

19 toward Downtown Oakland

20 toward Downtown Oakland

96 toward Dimond District

To Fruitvale BART

51A toward Fruitvale BART

19 toward Fruitvale BART

20 toward Dimond District

21 toward Dimond District

To Alameda

From 12th Street / Downtown Oakland BART Station

51A toward Fruitvale BART

19 toward Fruitvale BART

20 toward Fruitvale BART

96 toward Alameda Point

From Fruitvale BART

51A toward Rockridge BART

19 toward Downtown Oakland

20 toward Downtown Oakland

21 toward Oakland Airport

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