Electric Bike purchase rebate

Buy an electric (e-bike) and get a rebate for some of your purchase price!

The Alameda TMA is offering additional incentive for members to purchase and use an electric bike. The Alameda TMA will rebate members who have submitted and been awarded an Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) electric bike rebate.

How to apply

1. Apply for the AMP program. Choose ‘Electric Bicycles (E-bikes)’
2. When your application is approved, AMP will send you a rebate token. Screenshot or create a PDF of the token. It should have your name and the amount of the rebate. Once you receive notification of your AMP rebate:
3. Complete the Alameda TMA rebate application. Submit the form along with the rebate token file, a photo of you and your bike. You will receive a confirmation message.
4. Follow the link in the confirmation message to complete the Alameda TMA E-Bike survey.
5. Once we process your application and survey, you can expect your rebate check by mail.

Only E-bikes purchased on or after July 1, 2022, as identified by the bill of sale/receipt attached to the application, are eligible. Bill of sale/receipt must be dated within three (3) months of application. Must apply by December 31, 2022. Rebates is offered until approved funds are exhausted.


  • You must meet the eligibility qualifications of the AMP Rebate. This is restricted to AMP customers.
  • You must be a resident member of the Alameda TMA. Alameda TMA members include residents of Alameda Point and the Northern Waterfront at Mulberry, Marina Shores, Alta Star Harbor (Del Monte) and Alameda Marina.

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