Share a Ride

Options for sharing a ride abound! Carpooling allows for use of HOV lanes on Bay Area highways and at Bay Area bridges, as well as reduced tolls across the Bay Bridge during rush hour.

Dynamic Ride Matching

Through partnership with, several private ride matching companies can help you find a carpool in real time – no ongoing commitment, and guaranteed ride home included. Partners include Scoop, Carzac, and Duet. Find a ride now!

Traditional Carpooling also maintains a database of individuals interested in carpooling. You can find others who share similar schedules and commutes and coordinate an ongoing carpool from there. Sign up now!

Casual Carpooling

Casual carpooling is a Bay Area practice of sharing rides from Alameda to downtown San Francisco. Carpool riders line up in designated locations during the AM commute hours, and drivers pick them up, drive them to San Francisco, and drop them off on Fremont Street between Folsom and Howard. Pick-up locations in Alameda are at Webster & Santa Clara outside of Café Jolie, and at Encinal & Park. For more information, click here.

UberPool and Lyft

Using these Lyft and Uber services saves time and money and reduces traffic and congestion in Alameda.

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